The One Thing You Can’t Miss in Normandy



Here on The Cherbourg peninsula we are in the heart of a National Park the beauty & diversity of nature is stunning – this old ruined ancient castle an example – now home to a colony of storks…you can get near  but it is protected, these photos from our last visit.

Over winter the Marais is flooded – it’s all done with the sluice gates, and then April it is free to drain again & by end of May dry enough for the horses & cattle to be turned out to benefit on the highly nutritional grass.

Not only is Normandy famous for it’s dairy products the horse breeding here is quite an industry with St Lo the National Stud…we had Trottering horses last year turned out on our village marais that were then shipped to Shanghai & Carentan has just had the largest dairy funded by the EU built now making powdered baby milk for China.



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