The Fat Cats are fleecing you & us!

Every day I’m reading about other owners getting as indignant as I am over all these vacation rental websites.

I’m not silly enough to imagine that websites, marketing etc. would stay the same…but to go from a pay to be on a site, to over night still pay to be on the site… but we’ll charge the booker lots of fees and you the owner as well as we will handle the money transactions and take a % for doing that too…we’ll hide all this by giving it a liability insurance title!

People, please be aware what is going on…I have now come off TripAdvisor, (I can’t even write the name in code as the spiders pick it up and send out links! but it begins with a b ends with .com) Airbnb we’ve also come off.  It’s very unlikely we will stay on with HomeAway…we started advertising on there in 2002 and were fully booked every year until this year – this year we’ve not had ONE booking from them…what does that say? – they are so greedy only concentrating on the major properties that produce the big commission for them – our little places in Normandy are not interesting in the scheme of things!

The CEO stood up a while back & announced at a conference that if they dropped 80% of all the million or so properties that pay to be on there & HomeAway kept the top 20% just concentrating on managed properties by managers of large vacation firms, HomeAway’s revenue would go from $10 million to $1.6 billion …so I guess that is what they have done – in the meantime because they are so greedy they string along us small owners & you travellers, telling us that we are important…why? because the little trickle of revenue we generate will pay the wages bill!

It won’t make any difference if we get indignant and tell them to stick it – the Fat Cats have won…in the meantime I am searching out little sites that I pay to be on and try to be as active as I can on social media… you can help by spreading the word and sharing us – we’d appreciate it more than you know!

This is the latest site I have found  we’ve just been added…great site if you are looking for somewhere in England to rent too – plus no fees! I’m also on a facebook group Book your Holiday Direct

It feels like all-out war now – we small owners do need the goodwill of our guests, but we are noticing even the attitude of the guests is starting to change we’re increasingly being treated like a hotel and not as Mike & Tansy working every hour imaginable to make our places great and to help you create lovely memories of your stay in Normandy.

We owners are incredibly indignant that you as the guest are paying out extra fees that we have no control of.

Let me give you an example of that – Airbnb charge you the end user 13% & us 3% (plus 2% on credit card transactions) – they email me every week to say how many people are looking at booking in this area & if I want the business I have to lower my prices…the other month is was 20€ a night ….but the folk that book through Airbnb only want 1 night….hmmm I think I may as well pay them to come & stay to get my figures up! We’d be loosing money anyway on that calculation!

Another thing to look for if you are searching for a place to book is the name of the property or any reference that would help find – then search – there will be a website or a link to a way of booking directly with the owner…us owners cannot connect with you as all the email addresses are kept from us until you have parted with money…and do not we owners don’t get paid by some companies until 4 days AFTER you have arrived – so they are using your money for upto 18 months if you’ve paid a deposit in advance!

2002 – 2018 – 16 years building a business & advertising with the same company – it’s quite a wrench walking away, but with their new policies & their attitude I don’t think we will have much choice in June…


April 3, 2018 News
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