Some Really Old Photo’s in Normandy

This area we live in of Normandy, France is the American sector of the D Day Landings or also known as the Invasion.

Sainte Marie du Mont was the 1st village liberated in France on the 6th June 1944 in Normandy, however just less than 3 miles away is a small Hamlet Heisville which actually had 4 Americans in the community for 5 weeks before the big push. This village was earmarked as the HQ for the Generals as it was incredibly important for the break through, between Utah Beach, on the main route from Cherbourg and close to Carentan which was crucial to take for the troops coming across from the other beaches.

Below is the link to the story of Sainte Marie du Mont on D Day here in Normandy, France where our Band of Brothers House is located…this story is allegedly in our garden! First-class soldier Ambrose Allie of the Staff Company of the 3rd Battalion of the 501st PIR landed on the roof of a house and dropped by unhooking his harness: he was then taken prisoner by the Germans who plaster him Against the wall to shoot him. But two American paratroopers not far from there open fire, making the two gunners flee and saving the life of their comrade.

We have a small collection of WW2 cars to include a  1942 Ford GPW Jeep, a 1942 Kublewagon, (which went on to be the Beetle after the war & designed by Porsche) and a British Standard Flying 12 a woody known as a Tilly. Exclusively for our guests we offer tours, the Tilly for picnics and a tour round some off the beaten track villages where some incidents took place you’d never know about without local knowledge, or a tour out in the Jeep or if you prefer the Kublewagon, (naturally subject to weather and the serviceability of the vehicles…they are 75 years old!).

Not only do we offer great 3 and 4 * accommodation here in Normandy,France right in the heart of The D Day Landing Beaches our Band of Brothers House in Sainte Marie du Mont is on the road every man would have passed on his way up from Utah Beach.

Our Picnics tours are a rather spendid occasion with white linen table cloth, ice bucket, silver cutlery, china and a veritable feast home cooked in my Aga.

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