Reasons to love an Aga!

I am busy making sure all the information anyone would need for working with an Aga is easy to understand and at hand…some of this is courtesy of Aga Cottages & my experience…I’ve had an Aga now since 2001 – I don’t think I would adapt to not having one now!

Basically the Aga is on 24/7 – but with the new Eletrickit which ours is you have the flexibility to isolate the rings and control the ovens…once I understand how you will want to use it I will set it to your requirements with you.

* You’ll Return Each Evening to a Warm and Cosy Home

Ever been to a holiday cottage and it’s not quite as warm as you’d like? Never at Band of Brothers House!  Whenever you come through the door, it will always be warm, cosy and inviting.

* You’ll Experience Great Tasting Food

The cast-iron ovens of an AGA cooker cook by radiant heat which locks in moisture, flavour and goodness. All this means great, delicious meals.

*It Doesn’t Matter if the Weather is Bad

With an AGA in the house, everything will be dry in no time. You can walk in the rain EVERY DAY or stay at home EVERY DAY!

* You’ll Fall in Love with Cooking Again

It’s no coincidence that the greatest cooks just love AGA’s – Mary Berry, Lucy Young, Delia, Jamie Oliver, Michel Roux Jnr. The AGA allows you to be inventive and creative.

* It’s instant

You Don’t have to wait for the oven to heat up – so if you bring back a delicious ‘takeaway’ from a local butcher whatever – just open the oven door & pop it in! And best of all she multi tasks…you can have ironing going on, cooking and keeping you warm all at the same time! Fold your linen & in the morning it’s all ready to go!

* You’ll Experience a Truly British Way of Living

The AGA is the epitome of ‘good, British country living’ and is the envy of many foreign visitors.



I will go through all this with each individual that hasn’t used an Aga before – to explain.

March 28, 2018 News, what's new in the properties
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