Our Favourite Beach in Normandy

This part of Normandy has in excess of 1000 kilometers of coastline around the peninsula – to include the Invasion Beaches, Utah, Omaha, Sword, Juno & Gold.

All the beaches are incredibly respected and visited by millions of people every year, with great museums commemorating the incredible invasion that took place 6th June 1944…but at the same time the beaches are also destinations for holiday makers.

During the summer, never incredibly crowded, busy if you count that in the off season months we can walk miles without seeing another person, the picture with people & a trotting horse was taken peak summer season, you can see what I mean!

Utah Beach is less than 10 minutes from Ferme de l’Eglise  & 4 minutes from Band of Brothers House.

Best of all, the beaches locally have the Oyster beds and Moules farmed – fresh oysters available for as little as 9€ a dozen…moules & frites everywhere – you can have them in so many different ways to include, cider, camembert…every years we see another ‘take’ on moules & frites!

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