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I’m not quite sure how it has happened but we somehow have developed a MT Section here at Ferme de l’Eglise!

3 1942 vehicles all 3 with history – it started with a Jeep – American of course! Then the Kublewagon joined us, (obviously German), which is the original Porsche, after the war became the much loved Beetle and now by accident we have acquired our latest addition a (British) Staff Car, Standard Flying 12 Utility Brake called Reginald.

We have had some lovely times out with other Jeep owners visiting local sights off the beaten track taking picnics with us – so when I first saw Reginald I immediately exclaimed picnic car…that is what we now offer to our guests – a tour off the beaten track to some of the places you’d never find on your own with a picnic – 100€ per couple if there are 2 couples we’ll have to form a convoy either with my classic 2CV following up the rear or the Jeep.

Naturally these ‘tours’ are completely dependant on weather – I’m afraid the classics don’t come out except in sunshine!

As an enthusiastic cook I am researching 1940’s food as well – but I think we will be stretching it a bit and will be enjoying fare pre rationing! One of the staples in the picnic will be my Aga baked cakes, for example Lemon & Elderberry cakes, Victoria sponges with strawberry & cassis coulis (whipped cream naturally!), flans with eggs from our chickens, sandwiches and lots of other goodies and naturally cider & wine (except for the drivers!) we’ll be sticking to the tea & coffee…plus mustn’t forget, it wouldn’t be a picnic without hard boiled eggs with a twist of salt!!!

Yesterday we went to the Army surplus shop & had great fun buying all the stock – we’re kitted out with French Army mess tins & canteens.

Coming up to the 6th June week our 1st guests arrive on Saturday, a German couple who have stayed with us these weeks for 14 years, almost part of the family! They have already booked a ride out on Saturday! Then during the following days the 2 couples who are booked into Band of Brothers House for 6th June weeks until 2021 (so far) are coming out with us – now these are folk that have a 1942 Jeep too plus all the costumes…hmmm what to wear?? Photos will be coming for this outing that’s for sure!




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