Memorial to Reporters & Photographers

Memorial in Bayeux

We visited this memorial last week, located in Bayeux here in Normandy. It was appropriate conditions as well, pouring with welcome rain, the heatwave has broken at last, so not only are we starting to be green again, this memorial is possibly one of the poignant I have visited and with the most stunning garden.

My husband Mike Forster was a Fleet Street photographer for over 25 years before we moved to France, the Royal Photographer for the National Newspaper he worked for, but also covered war and conflicts…so to see the name of someone he knew and had worked with, Marie Colvin who was killed in 2012, Homs, Syria, here in Normandy really brought it home to me, how dangerous this work is.

A series of beautiful stone plinths, starting the year I was born 1954 to present – each year with the individual names carved into the stone…some of the plinths are 2 sides covered in names representing Afghanistan, Syria etc. Doesn’t matter what media they worked for or what country they came from, they were journalists.

As my 24 year old cousin who was with us said ‘it’s just ridiculous, you just have no idea’.

These people laid their lives down to report to us, we just hear snippets on the news broadcasts – it’s almost like white noise, we don’t take it in.

If you get the chance do have a visit and a reflection, located right behind the cenotaph for the fallen British & Canadian soldiers of WW2…

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