La Manche, the Cotentin Penisula

This is one of the hidden gems of France! The peninsula juts up into the Channel with the Atlantic on one side – over a thousand kilometers of coast, with tracts of marshlands that flood in the winter, hills and cliffs the countryside is rich and diverse.

The Climate is kind too! We don’t get roaring hot summers nor freezing cold winters…yes winter can be dreary & long because we get rain, but it’s quite rare for us to get a frost!

Over the centuries the Vikings have settled here, along with The Romans, William The Conqueror set sail from Barfleur in 1066 when he invaded England with the last battle on these shores being the D Day Landings…it’s history is rich & diverse too!

Mont St Michel is an hour from our door, nearly two thousand years old and Bayeux 40 minutes away with the tapestry over a 1000 years old.

Villedieu les Poeles the copper town so worth a visit with the foundaries making church & cathedral bells for all over the world. Granville the beautiful granite city where Christian Dior is from.

The Parc Naturel Marais du Cotentin et du Bessin takes in virtually the whole peninsula with thousands of hectares, villages, rivers and marshlands, the bird life is incredible to include an ancient ruined castle colonized by storks.

In the sea are Harbour Seals and quite often dolphins are spotted too…it’s quite possible to swim with the dolphins!



March 13, 2018 Things to do in Normandy
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