Exploring the D Day Landing Beaches…do I need to book a tour?

Looking to explore the Invasion Beaches…one of the questions I get asked the most is, do I need to book a tour?

To book a tour, that is totally dependent on yourself – our advice is, no, it’s not really necessary, unless you have limited time here – limited I mean a few hours as per the cruise liners passengers and then yes, you need to be picked up & whisked along the coast with a running commentary.

Having lived here for coming up to 20 years now, we’ve had the great privilege of having many WW2 veterans stay or visit with us, along with historians and enthusiasts. We’ve also had film crews, leadership groups, families, serving members of armed forces… not for one minute would we pretend we know it all, but we do have a good feel for the area and what you should see & do. I will also point out here that we do not get any remuneration or kick back from anything we recommend…we give all our advice on one basis only – that is, to give our guests the best experience we can plus we’ve cherry picked, for example, a great tour in a WW2 Jeep taking you through the hedgerows & lanes The Band of Brothers boys would have experienced.

To help with the smooth running and to maximize your time here, when you arrive (if you want this service), we will give you a thorough overview along with maps, brochures and suggested days out…

A minimum of 5 days is needed if you are going to make any sense of the area. Normandy is vast, the driving is different!

It really does need 2 days to do the Invasion Beaches, we help plan the other days so you are able to take in Mont St Michel, the copper town and Christian Dior along with Coutances Cathedral, another day exploring Bayeux and the tapestry along with the Abbeys with the 5th day exploring beauty spots to include UNESCO fishing port, France’s smallest port along with areas of outstanding natural beauty. Those with longer than 5 days…don’t worry there is plenty to see & do here…we’re not even half way round in all the years we’ve been here!!

Anyone with relatives that were here in the Theatre of war – do let us know in advance – we know the directors at the museums and once they are notified you are coming, are always delighted to receive and share any information their historians are able to discover.



Do note this post is designed for our American, Canadian and guests from further afield. British & European guests are inclined to come for longer breaks and more often.




March 13, 2018 Things to do in Normandy, WWII
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