Aga in the Band of Brothers House

As a devoted Aga user in my own home, when I was offered a reconditioned Claret red Aga, that is an identical colour to our existing kitchen cupboards, how could I say no!

Quite incredible how it all happened but within a few weeks of seeing it online the bits were here courtesy of Rural Ranges in Dorset, England…the lovely Steve Smith bought her over & reassembled her installing the newest Electric kit – basically the actual shell is 20 years old with the newest gubbins!

Put it like this, we’ve been doing vacation rentals for almost 20 years now, we wouldn’t have put the Aga in if it was too complicated, it’s not solid fuel, gas or oil but electric…you don’t have to do anything except open the oven door or open a pan lid!

The ovens and hot plates can be individually controlled with a flick of a switch…don’t worry I will explain to each one of you how to operate…it actually is dead easy, plus we have electric kettle, toaster, microwave and gas hob for all those that are fearful…basically having an Aga  means you never have to wait for an oven to heat up!

Notice the splash back! Particularly pleased with this, it’s the photo of 101st passing the house on 7th June 1944 – Mike took the photo of the photo that hangs in the Mairie – we sent it over to the company in Bath & this is the result…it is possible to make out the faces, so now a new project, we’re trying to find names & stories for each soldier.

I also have the number for Steve Smith, Rural Ranges for all those that are converted!



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