A Great Walk With A Dog in Normandy

Running free across the fields

on the beach

As owners of 5 dogs…don’t ask – but if I say rescues I think you’ll understand! We take our gang out everyday, there are the most glorious walks to go on with your dog and best of all when you get to where you want to go and it has a restaurant or cafe the dogs can come in too! With our 5 it’s a bit much so our trusty LandRover doubles as a dog kennel!

Here on the Cherbourg Peninsula we are in the heart of a National Park with 1,000 kilometers of coastline. The restrictions for dogs only really applies around nesting sites, bird sanctuaries or beaches near towns and then you have to have your dogs on a lead…however this is during the peak seasons and nesting season, book with us and we will be very happy to share hidden walks where leads are not required and you can walk for miles without seeing anyone…there also are the chemin vert lines which are the old railway lines that have been converted to walking & cycling routes with motorised traffic forbidden, these routes are fabulous for going town to town the old rail links! If you want to be really ambitious, plan with us & we can pick you up at the other end!

We have been using our vet for almost 20 years, he speaks fluent English and can help you with your passport for pets. Just ask us for his number and directions.

Madge & her stick

Flying high on the beach

dog with horses


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